Beloved Crab Legs Contest Level’s Up in 2021

The Texas Crab Festival’s beloved “Crab Legs” contest is getting a revamp in 2021. The contest, which highlights the best crab legs in town for ages 0-18, has added an adult woman’s category to the slate this year. In addition, instead of experiencing the competition on the Kids Stage, we have moved the contest to Center Stage! Beginning at 1:30 pm on Saturday, May 8 the Crab Legs Contest will host contestants in the following categories:

  • Baby Crab – Babies (0-12m)
  • Tiny Miss Crab – Girls (1-5)
  • Little Miss Crab – Girls (6-11)
  • Miss Crab – Girls (12 & Up)
  • Mr. Crab – Boys (1 & Up)
  • Ms. Crab – Ladies (18 & Up)

Judges will consider:

  • Crab Post – strike your best crab pose and hold for pics!
  • Crab Walk – time to show the crowd how the “cool” crabs walk
  • Stage Presence – Judges will be looking for crowd “pleasers” and those crabs dressed to impress

The top 3 winners in each category will be awarded medals and for the “Crab Legs Champion 2021” your sash and tiara awaits! Look for registration details on the Texas Crab Festival website and make sure to check us out on social media!

Texas Crab Festival Crab Legs Contest

Come one, Come all
To show off your best
“Crab Walk” your legs
To beat out all the rest!

Center Stage this year
So all eyes on you
Parade your best Crab Legs
For all to View

A new category is added
To spice up the game
Grown-ups can bring it on
To show no shame

Come one, come all
It’s all within your reach
To show that you have
The best Crab Legs on the beach!